Single Origin Coffee

Why single origin you ask? It’s all in the climate and elevation. Each region known for its coffee has characteristics that are unique to that region. While a coffee blend can be balanced to a specific flavor profile by a master roaster, single origin coffee can be more challenging to perfect. Professional coffee makers, like Screen 18, know where to source the perfect bean in each region, and how to roast it in order to bring out the unique characteristics it contains. Specific harvesting methods and the exact timing of the harvest are major influences in the final taste profile of the coffee. So when tasting single origin coffee from Brazil, Colombia, or Costa Rica, you can rest assured that the flavors are depicted by the region and its processing characteristics, and the quality is high. Adding roasting expertise to an already perfect bean makes for a superior cup of coffee. For a discerning palate, single origin is unequivocally their choice in coffee.
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